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Aloe Max 473ml

Aloe Max 473ml

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Product Overview

Our hand-picked aloe vera leaves are carefully selected and prepared to ensure a high quality product. We go to great lengths to ensure our aloe exceeds industry quality standards. AloeMax® is approved by the IASC International Aloe Science Council and we proudly display the seal of certification confirming our commitment to bring you the Herbalife Nutrition drink with the highest concentration of aloe. AloeMax® contains 97% aloe vera juice and is free from colourants, sweeteners or flavourings. From our fields to your glass a daily support for health and well-being.

Main properties

Contains 97% aloe vera juice extracted from whole aloe leaf Contains no colors, sweeteners or flavors Suitable for vegans Only 2 calories per serving Aloe juice is cold processed Certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC)

How to use

The refreshing taste of AloeMax®: drink it in the morning or throughout the day. Dilute the contents of 3 capfuls of AloeMax® (15 ml) in 120 ml of water To prepare a liter of ready-to-drink drink mix 120 ml of AloeMax® in a liter container and fill the remaining volume with water.

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