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Tri Blend Select Water soluble protein preparation Coffee Caramel 600 g

Tri Blend Select Water soluble protein preparation Coffee Caramel 600 g

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Product Overview

Tri Blend Select is a high protein, low sugar, wellness smoothie mix made with natural plant-based ingredients. We scoured the planet to find the best ingredients for Tri Blend Select, like quinoa in Colombia and flaxseed in Canada.

Vegetable proteins are sometimes inadequate because they lack some essential amino acids. Instead Tri Blend Select contains selected raw materials from peas, quinoa and flaxseed as part of a high quality vegan blend to provide vegetable proteins, a high fiber content and low in sugar.

But low in sugar doesn't mean low on taste. In fact, one of our main goals was to give Tri Blend Select a surprising yet natural taste.

Main properties

  • With ingredients from natural sources
  • 151 kcal per serving
  • 20g of protein per serving
  • 6 g of fiber per serving
  • Vitamin C and 7 key minerals
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Gluten free

How to use

Enjoy Tri Blend Select at any time of the day. Gently shake the bag before each use. Dissolve 3 measuring spoons (40 g) of product in 250 ml of water, fruit juice or an alternative drink of your choice. Measure the amount of liquid based on the consistency you want to obtain*.

Use it after exercise and also as a tasty reward for your efforts.

The perfect smoothie to accompany your lunch salad. Extra protein, extra fiber, extra taste.

Ideal for cooking: you can make everything from crunchy biscuits to protein patties. You can find some recipe ideas at

Mix with oats, seeds, berries and yogurt and let sit overnight. In the morning you will have your personalized breakfast ready.

*Adding fruit and vegetables or using fruit juice, other drinks or a different amount of liquid changes the nutritional values.

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